I’ll keep this brief because we are about to feast on chicken tikka and fish:

The Andaman Islands are beautiful—well, that’s an understatement. To be honest, you should probably feel a twinge of jealousy right now. Or, maybe you should choose to take the higher road and feel happy for your intrepid travelers. They’re certainly feeling awake in this place. 

Within minutes of arriving at the lodge Eno hammocks were afixed to palm trees. Shortly after that, the group took their first dip in the ocean. When one submerges oneself in the Ganges, all one’s sins disappear. As far as I know, the Bay of Bengal doesn’t traditionally have the same effect. With that said, it definitely cleansed us. To borrow a phrase from India, same same, right? 

More from the students later. I’ve finally received some blog posts that have been on river time. For now, though, there’s some fresh fish waiting to be eaten. 

3 responses to “Wow”

  1. abigailcola Avatar

    So jealous!!! Enjoy it all travelers!! Colas are excited to hear about island adventures.

  2. Dave's Mom Avatar
    Dave’s Mom

    Maura – I want to type “happy for you” in green! Thankful you are all there safe and very sound and thankful to you for the update. Now go savor every moment!

  3. Elizabeth R Sinnenberg Avatar
    Elizabeth R Sinnenberg

    love the blogs and it great to see a photo of Suman!

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