By Andrew Antwi

You see the grey brown crowded and unpaved roads
I see a puzzle

You are disgusted by the trash all around

I see a splash of rainbow

You sneeze passing by the spices

I taste hand-picked herbs ground by a mother’s touch, sprinkled on a farmer’s choice

You see thousands of tangled cables,

I see crawling vines in castles

You say overpopulation

Don’t lie, it felt like a celebration

Don’t be blinded by the smog—there is so much to see 

Don’t be deafened by the car horns—it is a new musical composition

Lodi Gardens was not a perfect ten but it was surely zen

The journey to Karim’s was dreadful and congested, but it only took a taste of the food to take the pain away 

No Advil, no ibuprofen—just a taste of Karim’s.

You saw mosques, churches, Hindu shrines and Sikh temples all overlapping each other

Delhi sure was crazy, but let’s not forget the beauty.

3 responses to “Beauty in the Madness—A Reflection of Delhi”

  1. jrhomer Avatar

    I just love this! So descriptive, honest, beautiful, positive … and funny!
    Thank you!

  2. Dave's Mom Avatar
    Dave’s Mom

    Andrew – I simply love your prose. Beautiful in every line.

  3. jbyersccs Avatar

    Andrew, this is great. The way you put the opposites out there reminds me of previous posts about “choosing happiness”, choosing to see things from a positive perspective. It is heartbreaking and joyful all at once; good for you to notice that and choose to see the best.

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