We’re getting ready to head out! Today’s agenda is the Holocaust Memorial here in Berlin and the University of Berlin as well as time to explore . . .

. . . and what a day we had!  We took buses and trams and walked.  We spent time at the Holocaust Memorial this morning, which was a very moving  and intense experience.  It was especially interesting to see how the German people have memorialized these horrific events.

This afternoon, we had an excellent tour of Humboldt University of Berlin, where we not only learned about the fascinating general history of the University (founding in 1809, the effects of the Nazi era and its destruction in WWII, its rebuilding under the DDR, and then its modern incarnation since reunification) and also some of the sites associated with Friedrich Schleiermacher, who was the founding Dean of the Theologische Facultat and an important figure in shaping modern German thought.

We then shared a wonderful dinner just off the tram line . . .

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