We’ve done lots of traveling this weekend.  We left Stuttgart Saturday morning for our journey to Naumberg, which is a small German town where philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche lived as a child.  We visited the Nietzsche museum, located in his childhood home, and the found the historic town square, where the Rathaus (town hall) dates to the 1500s.  After lunch in the square. we did some wandering, and some of us visited the fabulous St. Wenzel Church, which was a incredible fortuitous find.   Dating to the 1200s, the church has an organ that Bach inspected, and was absolutely beautiful.

This morning (Sunday), we made our final journey by car to München, as we prepare to end our trip.  After lunch and a nap, we went to the enormous Englischer Garten, which is a 1.5 square mile part in the heart of München.  There we did a trip wrap up, with our students brainstorming, reflecting on, and presenting their impressions of the trip.

Tomorrow we head to the Marienplatz, the historic and picturesque downtown square, with the opera in the evening.  Then it’s an early flight back home . . .

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