By Hongming Chen


It seems easy to “prove” you’re better than someone in today’s world by just simply having more money. However, this does not help you figure out what you want and how you distinguish yourself from what you want and how much money you have.  It makes things complicated even though it seems it makes it simple.
In thinking about my future, I do not know how to run a company without using money as the most powerful source. What would it mean if everything was not based on money and what would life be for countries without money or for the previous generations who have based their lives on money?
People usually make the easiest decisions and so do I. My family has tons of money. Which means that when I think about my future, thinking about running my family’s company by using money seems to be the best option for me because that is the easiest way for me to succeed. However, what would this success really mean? Today made me think about that.
I succeed and you did not.  So you suck?
After I succeed, I become a better person?
Or are we just trained that way socially?
The ability of double thinking applied to me so many times because a debate always forms based on a different standard of a “fact” or a story, which make sense in both ways. So what is the point of having an argument? It is not proving you are a better person or you’re more right than others, but to inform each other in order to make both sides a better person. To acknowledge both sides. But to what extent should you benefit yourself from this advantages? And is it good to use this advantages to create personal profit?
A person by his or her own hard work creates jobs for others – do they need more honor? Is it fine for them to be honored?
Trust love honor
1. History and God
2. Put his life in helping people find their family who died in the Civil War
If you do not do it, he does not do it, then who is going to do it?
It takes generations to make a change in many countries and it was really lucky for my father to have the opportunity to get rich.
Think about what you are doing today and how it is going to impact your life in the future.  What about the Guatemalan troops who killed innocent civilians without knowing the full consequence of it?
What about the Meneses family who considered the lives of their employees and seasonal coffee pickers as they built one of the best coffee companies in Guatemala?
These are people who have made decisions, some using a binary and false logic and others using real thought and relationships.  We need to learn to really think before we act, and to use what matters instead of what is easy.
Sometimes people believe it and it is there and sometimes people do not believe and it is not there anymore.  Action must match belief, and belief must match truth and meaning.

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    Suman Panwar

    Love your thoughts Hongming, so impressive!!

    Greetings from Agora to you all🙏

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