The trip has flown by.  Long, packed days have passed one by one, melding into an aggregate whole.  We have covered much of this beautiful country – from the central highlands, where a small group was able to witness three inhumations, through the agricultural heartland that provides much of the world with bananas, coffee, rubber, and rice, to the Pacific.  We are now sitting on a volcanic beach, where we released sea turtles this morning.


The students have fully embraced the experience and many of their ideas and thoughts will fill this blog shortly.  For now, enjoy some more pictures!

4 responses to “A Week of Lessons”

  1. Kim Czubaruk Avatar
    Kim Czubaruk

    Did Colin fall into the volcano? I don’t see him anywhere.

  2. Lauren Little Avatar
    Lauren Little

    What a gorgeous country. Thank you for sharing all these photos with us arm chair travelers!

  3. Brendan Little Avatar
    Brendan Little

    In the second photo on the top, what it appears to be, from what I know, some kind of shrine or place of worship. How are the traditional religions of the Mayan kept alive in a predominantly Catholic/Christian country?

  4. nashcarr24 Avatar

    Wow, these pictures are amazing!! wish I could have experience this as well!

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