By Joy Adjei

We went to a coffee bean plantation and learnt how to pluck beans or the fruit carefully so it can produce more the next year.

Personally this was very interesting because back home in Ghana we drink coffee but we don’t produce are own.

Then we made are way to the FAFG where we learnt how they analyze the bones, clean them and collect the DNA, analyze the DNA samples and use connections to the diseased people to figure out how they were murdered and why.

Personally I felt terribly uncomfortable because there were remains of children, the youngest was about 6 months old and I love kids so to here that these young people had to live a life of sadness and hatred breaks my heart.

But this experience was really fun, really interesting and thought me a lot.

9 thoughts on “Coffee

  1. Did you ever feel like you were out of place or intruding by being a tourist and entering such a meaningful place to the people of the country?


  2. Great post. I’m sure this was a very interesting event. Was it strange being there during this time and being a tourist just observing remains of people who you did not have a huge connection with the idea in mind that these were other peoples family members in a terrible time in Guatemala’s history?


  3. Such a cool experience! Were the people picking the coffee beans ancestors of the Mayan people? or were they current Guatemalans (like not descendants of the Mayan people)?


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