By Connor Duryea

My life growing up was all about the woods and crazy adventures.

My favorite part of this whole trip was hiking the volcano, the whole trip you would not see me on the trail. You would most likely see me climbing up the side of the mountain getting onto rocks for great pictures, and just better views. I don’t do this to seem cool i just do this cause that is what i am use to, which is climbing trees, running across ledges over top of cliffs, and shallow waters. once we got to the top after a long and very fun hike I felt like i was at the top of the world. i just sat out and thought to myself “wow where in this world can you get a view like this!” i just felt astonished. we were only up there for half an hour but I enjoyed every second of sitting on the top of that volcano. When we finally started moving again we started climbing up the mountain and we got to this one area where there was a mayan ritual/memorial going on with flowers, so we stopped and looked at it for a bit, then we continued our hike up the beautiful trail. Once we got to the peak there were some crazy carved out statues, one being a tiger, another a bear, and the last one being some crazy creature i have never seen before. we cleaned up liter from the top, then took a group picture. after having s good talk with our group we walked down the volcano at our own pace. Esteban, Mr. Alter and I going down first was pretty great cause i got to talk with Este the way down telling him jokes and him watching me be my “redneck gringo” kind of guy.

This was an amazing trip and i can’t wait to tell everyone about my amazing experience!

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  1. Nash Carrington Avatar

    Thats awesome the view sounds amazing, it reminds me of my time in India last year over spring break.

  2. nashcarr24 Avatar

    That sounds amazing, the view reminds me of my trip too India. Of course that view was one of kind just like that one.

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