We have done a lot in just a few days – each one extends into the next and is itself a journey. Today we woke at sunrise and spent the morning with our wonderful hosts. Before lunch, we drove into Niokolo Koba on word that there were lions moving around in one of the most accessible areas. We did not see them but we felt their presence. We did see lots of wildlife and birds and even managed a tigerfish. It was a great Christmas Eve!

Tomorrow, we go to pick up the water tower we had built by a local welder and to purchase supplies for the large CCS group that arrives soon. We will also spend lots of time with our hosts and continue conversations about various projects. It will be a celebration of generosity, happiness, and fulfillment. Just as it should be!

Here are some thoughts from the group:

‘It’s all about water! Whether they drink it or use it for cooking and cleaning, they need it! We are so happy to be here with these incredibly welcoming people! Merry Christmas to all!!’ -Scott Stilianos



‘Being back in Ngogani is refreshing, and having the opportunity to learn from the people around me has only fueled my desire to continue to make a difference.

This Christmas will be special.´

-Britney Peart

´Making progress with my project has been made me feel very accomplished thus far. Being back in the village shows me how necessary water is to these people in their daily lives and I am glad that I am able to make a difference. Merry Christmas from Senegal!´

-Steven Stilianos 🤙

3 responses to “A few days in Senegal…”

  1. C. Gonzalez Avatar
    C. Gonzalez

    Inestimable words, even greater are the smiles!!! All of the many personal testimonies are remarkable and the exchange of intangible gifts, contagious…Definitely look forward to the next posts. Peace and blessings be upon you all, today and always!

  2. Tina Karalekas Avatar
    Tina Karalekas

    Thanks for sharing this with us Scott and Steven. We are very proud of you and the work you are doing. Merry Christmas from Spike and me.

  3. Amolyn Peart Avatar
    Amolyn Peart

    Glad to see you all are having a transformative experience! I am so happy to see that my daughter, Britney Peart is enjoying her time in Senegal and continuing to build her organization Peart Pedals. Thank you CCS for planning this trip and changing lives!

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