Here is a quick rundown of what has happened thus far to make the solar-powered pump project happen:

Step 1: decide what kind of pump to install (research and collaboration with people in Ngognani from August to November)

Step 2: find someone in Senegal with technical expertise (LinkedIn and Skype calls in November)

Step 3: review proposals and costs (November)

Step 4: find Moussa Diop (see step 2) in Senegal and meet with him on his day off. We ended up in his apartment, where we decided that the Lorentz pump is the best for our purposes (December 20th)

Step 5: visit the only certified Lorentz dealer in Senegal (December 21st)

Step 6: confirm the details of the well with Kekouta Sanokho (measure the depth of the well to the bottom and to the top of the water using rope and stones – December 22nd)

Step 7: finalize the installment plan with Lorentz and negotiate the correct price (December 22nd)

Step 8: figure out how to make payments to cover the thousands of USD in local currency – cash advance and transfer (December 22nd)

Step 9: inspect the well in person and devise the appropriate water tank and stand (December 23rd)

Step 10: contract with the local welder to get a metal stand made (December 23rd)

Step 11: buy a 1,000 gallon water tank (December 23rd)

Step 12: have the water tank cleaned at the local gas station (December 23rd)

Steps 13 to infinity: finish the project in person – today we pick up the stand and place it in the village (December 25th to 30th)

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  1. Dcola Avatar

    Merry Christmas!
    Questions about the new water system
    – How will the system impact the village in the short and long term?
    – Will other local villages be jealous?
    – Does anyone there have issues with the change? If so what are they?

  2. Lauren Little Avatar
    Lauren Little

    Wow. God is in the details!! Fabulous job CCS!

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