We are in India and excited! Though we are travel weary, the streets of Delhi have energized us!

More soon…

3 responses to “Feet on the subcontinent!”

  1. claudiaray1@verizon.net Avatar

    Thank you so much for the update! Would love to know first impressions from those on their maiden visit to India. Doesn’t it seem “other worldly”? How does it smell?! Do you feel safe? And, most importantly, how’s the food?!

  2. Héctor Guzmán Avatar
    Héctor Guzmán

    Good to hear you made it safely. Thank you for the update. Have a nice rest.

  3. Lauren Little Avatar
    Lauren Little

    YEAH! New Delhi sights, smells, sounds, – a blast of life awaits the group. Can’t wait to see it all!!

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