Port Blair – the end of another long journey

The group is settled in Port Blair, capitol of the Andaman Islands, for the night. The turquoise waters and endless reefs lured us in from the sky. The Andamans feel like the end of the earth but they also feel like home.

Familiar food – chicken lollipops and crab at New Lighthouse restaurant. Chai.

Familiar sights – the incredible Andaman Sea, the colonial buildings, the depictions of Durga and other Hindu gods.

It is good to be on the islands! More to come soon, including posts by students.

4 thoughts on “Port Blair – the end of another long journey

  1. Thanks, Aaron and Dave and Molly and, I’m sorry, I don’t know other faculty on trip, for getting the happy wanderers safely to the islands. Do have a glorious time. Wishing any who get to go fishing “tight lines”. Especially hope Suman and Parveen catch a big one!


  2. I imagine in my mind the glorious colors of the Andaman Sea. Good luck Suman with catching your prize fish! Send us some photos of this glorious place! your armchair travelers are hungry!!


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