Day 1 – my first impressions

By Andrew Merrick

Day one of the trip began after the very long journey where we flew from Washington D.C. to Dubai on EK 232, followed by a second flight on EK 516 with service to Delhi. Once we arrived in Delhi the first thing that I noticed were the dogs on the street. They were everywhere! As we drove in taxis through the city, I noticed that everyone seemed not to be in a hurry, like the dogs, but still it was frantic. It seemed this way because of all of the people and the tight roads. I remember seeing that every car had at least one scratch, and that was acceptable so I understand. One thing that very much stood out to me was that there were few women walking alone on the streets. I think that we need to understand the culture and government in India in order to learn more about why some customs seem so different to us. The long day finally came to a close after a peaceful and delicious dinner in an upscale Delhi neighborhood. My problem was staying awake through the meal…it’s hard moving time zones.

2 thoughts on “Day 1 – my first impressions

  1. Well done, Andrew, considering I’m sure you don’t really know what day it is!!! Would like to know why you think the women don’t go out by themselves. Cultural, safety, responsibilities in the home? Do women make up a significant portion of the workforce like in the U.S.? Would really like to read your thoughts. Have a wonderful time…


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