Teranga is the Wolof word that best captures Senegal and its incredible culture. Translated simply, it means hospitality. This is the country of hospitality.

The group is just two hours from touchdown and things could not be more perfect for their arrival – great weather (80s during the day and cool at night), awesome vehicles to transport us, countless incredible people to link us with this place and its people. Teranga surrounds us.

We are headed to the mangrove delta for a few days of adjustment. Be on the lookout for first impressions and the introduction of the big ideas we will be exploring during our trip.

3 responses to “Teranga!”

  1. voluntarysabbatical Avatar

    Wish I was there!!! Enjoy!

  2. abigailcola Avatar

    Great to see your picture on the plane!!! Can’t wait to read and see more.

  3. Cola Avatar

    Shumbusho’s poor legs. Hopefully he stood for most of that flight. Give him the front seat

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