First impressions

‘I was sleeping in the car – just saw how many people there are in between dreams. So much going on here!’ -Han Zhou

‘It’s very obvious that growth is happening – houses, shops, patterns. As we drove into the market, there was lots of color and people. On the outside it was drab and residential but the heart seemed to be in the market.’ -Latane

‘I’m hungry for Senegalese food.’ -Connor

‘It is so different. I can’t even imagine my expectations now that I am here. It is all so different.’ -Charlene

‘It’s good. It’s hot. It’s busy. Culturally surrounding – if that makes sense.’ -Danielle

‘It’s colorful and busy. It’s vibrant’ – Hannah

‘I can’t wait to play with the kids!’ -Colette

After our meal:

‘That food was awesome – I loved every bite.’ -Latane

‘Rice and fish – so good. Nothing ordinary about it!’ -Connor

‘The hot sauce is spicy. I learned the hard way!’ -Flannery

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