Midnight approaches, marking the end of a long day.  Tired travelers are already asleep – as Latane put it, it feels like we’ve been here for 3 days!  A list of firsts experienced by members of our group today:

  1. First flight
  2. First croissant jambon-fromage
  3. First ride in a pirogue
  4. First run in with Senegalese bureaucracy
  5. First proper nanga-def and mangi-fi
  6. First Senegalese speedbump
  7. First taste of Sine Saloum oysters
  8. First glimpse of the Atlantic from the east
  9. First encounter with Bandia (he says hi to everyone who knows him already!)
  10. First ride in our magic school bus and brand new pick up truck
  11. First sweat from kano peppers
  12. First discussion
  13. First full count off
  14. First taste of Senegal’s national dish (thiebou dienne)
  15. First miscalculation of the currency
  16. First game of soccer in Senegal
  17. First blue crab identified
  18. First pictures taken
  19. First questions inspired by observations & encounters

And many of these things warranted seconds – plate-fulls of food after plate-fulls of food, lots of conversations, lots of laughs, lots of language learning.

It has been a great first day.  We are looking forward to our only full day here in the delta.  Latane is tomorrow’s leader of the day (a big role for our only freshman!).  He is excited and we expect big things.  Who knows, we might even catch our own food and learn to cook it with a Senegalese family in Mar Lodj…

Bon Nuit!

7 responses to “Firsts & Seconds”

  1. JOHN BYERS Avatar

    THAT’S A LOT OF FIRSTS! SOAK IT IN, SEAHORSES! Proud that you are stretching yourselves for this great experience.

  2. lydothu Avatar

    Great experience! The adventure would be amazing!

  3. schuyler1226 Avatar

    What a fabulous first day! Thank you for keeping us updated- looking forward to Latane’s write- up tomorrow!

  4. pkempe Avatar

    Dang. I’m really missing Senegal…

  5. Suman Panwar Avatar
    Suman Panwar

    Bonjour everyone 🙏
    I’m missing being there and I’m so glad that you people are already in it!
    Mafe with the Kano is the best dish in the world I proudly admit that!
    Please say to Bandiya and Dominique I’m missing those oyesters so badly and the dock of Hakuna.

    Namastey to all!

  6. Sarah Pope Avatar
    Sarah Pope

    Bon nuit on your first night. Watch out for the hot sauce Flan.

  7. Lisa Gordon Avatar
    Lisa Gordon

    Wow! And it hasn’t even been a full 24-hours yet. Excited to hear what tomorrow brings!

    Lisa y

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