By Hanns Zhou

During the five days in the village, I spent most of my time playing soccer and hanging out with those kids, which helped me see the how friendly this community is and how playful those kids are.  I remember there was a huge bunch of kids gathered around welcoming us when we arrived in the village. So I got off the bus and started to play with those kids immediately. I couldn’t identify the kids’ faces yet, so I simply hung out with random people. I think I have created a very strong connection with those kids, even though I just met them for the first time, and our connection gradually got stronger and stronger over the next five days. I began to remember every single kid’s face and their names. It really shocked me that I could be so social. So, it made me think of a question: How did I get to know those kids so well in five days, but there are still some people at Christchurch who I haven’t ever talked to?

I think this experience should encourage me to be more social. I should find my way to make a connection with everyone in Christchurch. And I also should bring back those people’s satisfaction in their life. Live a life that not all depends on technologies. Try to build connection and relationships with people in the most original way: talking, chatting, and hanging out. To cherish the running water and light we have every day, to take care of every single opportunity we have been given.

2 responses to “Adopting a Lifestyle”

  1. jbyersccs Avatar

    Hanns, you have hit on something really important and powerful. Personal connections have value and meaning beyond what we can imagine. So glad that you went on this trip and made this and other discoveries.

  2. Lisa Gordon Avatar
    Lisa Gordon

    Thanks for sharing this refection Hanns. Yes, the power and importance of the human connection and appreciation for the blessings of the basic necessities in life!

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