After an early morning departure from New Delhi and an exciting, beautiful and bumpy bus ride through the plains, we have finally arrived at Jim Corbett National Park!!

Here are some reflections from the bus ride this morning:

“I noticed that it was colorful across the plains. People wear colorful clothing and the colors make everything more interesting.” – Mary Esten

“In Delhi, everyone seemed intertwined with everyone else. On the plains people seemed more independent, especially the farmers.” – Holden

“The lack of large scale commercial farming here means that there is more sustainable, small scale farming in India. We observed these farms along the drive from Delhi to Corbett today.” – Ashton

“It’s impossible not to notice the trash, there are piles of it, mountains in places. We were reminded that waste isn’t hidden in India, with a population of 1 billion India doesn’t not even rank in the top 20, but that America ranks number one in the world in the amount of trash produced.” – Reagan

“As you look at everything, remember to look not only at the individual pieces, but for the connections.” – Dave

“The drive from Delhi was anything but placid.” – Bryan

“I observed how everyone communicates by writing things on the back of their cars like “honk please” and “blow horn” and “use dippers at night.” – Kobby

“I thought the drastic changes in scenery – every half an hour there was something different. We went through the smog, then thirty minutes later we were in an area with lots of abandoned buildings, and then the farming plains, and then the big signs and commercial shops on the streets. It’s crazy that all of that can happen in six hours.” – Rachel

“I really enjoyed the drive. It didn’t feel like six hours and it wasn’t like a normal road trip because I never got bored. There’s always something happening or something new to see.” – Sophie

6 responses to “Crossing the Plains”

  1. jrhomer Avatar

    So many varied and descriptive details…. I feel like I’m on the journey with you! Wow, Reagan – you just really put things in perspective for me. Enjoy the rest of your adventure … Thanks for taking the rest of us with you!
    Mrs. Homer

  2. Sheila Pryor Avatar
    Sheila Pryor

    I am certainly enjoying and learning as I follow you on your travels!

  3. jbyersccs Avatar

    Bring on the tigers and elephants!

  4. Dave's Mom Avatar
    Dave’s Mom

    Haley – Found your post very interesting with the reflections your fellow travelers offered. Loved the pictures… they told a great story about environment (so much smog), culture (the colorful clothes) and the overwhelming fatigue experienced by many of you! Travel happily!!!

  5. Joanne Vinyard Avatar
    Joanne Vinyard

    We appreciate all of the comments about what you are seeing and experiencing in your India trip. Keep the blog going!!!

  6. Beth Wilbanks Avatar
    Beth Wilbanks

    It must have been an extraordinary ride to drive six hours in a bus and never have been bored! What a view out that window!

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