Controlled Chaos: The Roads of Delhi

By: Bryan

When we arrived in Delhi we quickly came across the roads of Delhi, and instantly something abnormal about it came to mind. The streets were filled with disorder as we looked upon the roads, with hundreds of people filling almost every street. This didn’t feel normal to us; it looked rather chaotic. There were many people in the street in vehicles and also walking. It seemed rather strange to the eye as we went across the street to get to our destination; the feeling inside our bodies was sickening with the vehicles heading right towards us until the last second, moving out of the way with seconds to spare. This was happening across the whole streets 24/7. It’s remarkable to think, that this is how the people in India go about their lives daily. You will notice the overall difference in the road laws compared to the laws in the United States. The Indian government does not put the laws of the roads as their first priority. Even though chaos rains down on the streets, it is in a rather organized fashion. Only one accident was seen to some people but other than that none. This makes me come to the question, “Why do they have such a senseless way on the road, but it works?” Think about it.

5 thoughts on “Controlled Chaos: The Roads of Delhi

  1. Everyone who has ever visited India MUST watch the stand up act by a comedian on driving in India. It is hilarious and you will so relate! I will send the name of the comedian in another post. ENJOY!


  2. It’s crazy isn’t it. And noisy. So much honking and yelling. You will see similar in Vietnam with swarms of motorbikes, thousands upon thousands of them, moving like flocks of birds and beeping. Your question is a good one–how in the world does it work. Aren’t different cultures fascinating? Good job, Bryan.


  3. Bryan – Super post! Amid the chaos of all aspects of transportation over there, there seems to be an Indian “magic” that makes it all “work”! Amazing isn’t it? I wonder how much all the mopeds impact the pollution problem as opposed to all our cars? And the assault on the senses, especially hearing! Mind boggling! Stay safe…


  4. Bryan – whew! What an assault to the senses. And I am worried about my grandson learning to drive the streets of our small town in Maryland!! I guess you can only be amazed at magic of Indian urban culture.


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