First impressions

When I first arrived into Guatemala this year, i was reminiscing the great memories i made here. After making it off the plane and having to wait in immigration for about 30 mins, we got through immigration and had to walk past the intimidating looking guards/militia. I’ve missed this place for the past year and i can not wait to see what lies ahead this year.” – Connor Duryea


My very first impression was when I looked at the window to see the city and noticed that the buildings were a lot shorter than in our cities. I walked from the plane into the airport. The airport at least where we were was really really quiet We went through customs, which I never had done before. Once we made it through, Guatemalan police men stood on the other side. We walked by them and then to get our heavy duffle bags and to the cars. We loaded into two vans, one of which Mr. Kempe drove. I was really tired from all day at the airport but as we made our way to our house, I noticed that the streets were very lonely and the houses/buildings we drove past were short rectangles. We pulled up to this tall/wall with barbed wire across the top. It opened up for us and we pulled into the residential houses where we are staying. It feels like quite a journey already!
My first impression of Guatemala was interesting.  This is when we began to land at the airport and I looked out of the window and seen the many different buildings/houses.  It was dark and the city was lit up by many lights.  It is hard to explain, but the lights made the city look amazing.  Although, I did not get a good feel because of how late and how tired I was.  When we arrived at the house I knew it was going to be snug for everyone, but we are going to make it work.  We are already becoming a group.

3 thoughts on “First impressions

  1. Let’s go, Blue! You will rally from travel fatigue and take it all in. Can’t wait to hear your reports and observations!


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