We have spent hours discussing important things together.  If we could, we would love to share all of these conversations with those not lucky enough to join us.  We can’t do that. But we can share some reflections from a question we all tried to answer earlier in the trip:

How has this trip changed you?  If it hasn’t, what have you learned?

“I have grown more patient with everything and have realized the privileges that come with my everyday life that I normally don’t think of.” -Colleen Rae

“I have been reminded yet again that I am stronger and more resilient than I give myself credit for and that I don’t always have to have the answers.” – Mrs. Kiland

“This group has taught me how to deal with group diversity and how to deal with different opinions.” – Connor Duryea

“Mr. Alter and Dr. Little both said that the only way to open yourself to understanding and empathy is by talking to people.  This resonated with me because the times I feel that I’ve changed the most in my life is by talking to people who are different than me.  This trip has included a lot of that.” – Lauren Farino

“This trip has changed me by showing me a different culture.  I have got to know the people and their culture.  This opportunity allowed me to meet people different than me.  There is more to Guatemala than just the beach and the amazing views.  We get a deeper understanding by really trying to be here.” – Destiny Gonzales

“Throughout our trip in Guatemala, I’ve gotten the chance to see a different part of the world than I could have imagined.  It has broadened my horizon in experiencing a completely different life in Latin America.  I also learned a lot of Spanish by immersing myself in this community.  This makes me feel really excited to get in touch with another language and its people.” – Sally Shang

“I don’t think I’ve really changed on this trip but I definitely learned more about how different histories, cultures, and areas affect the ways people act.  For example, the people on the coast in the town seemed more standoffish and less friendly, while everywhere else the people seem happier and more curious about us.  I have always found it interesting how different situations impact how people act and that has definitely been my favorite part of the trip so far.” – Jeff Elkin

“This trip has taught me about different cultures and ways of life.  It has also showed me that I should have empathy and understanding for others.” – Cameron DeVries

“Since leaving Spain in 2015, Guatemala has been my best opportunity for improving my Spanish skills.  I’ve come three times now, and I feel my confidence and ability growing each time.  Thanks to El Doctor, Los Meneses, los Alvarados, los Hurtartes, and many others, I have picked up on the new dialect and vocabulary that they use here.  More importantly, though, this language immersion has been the vehicle by which I’ve learned about Guatemala.  It’s amazing to me that a place that was recently very foreign to me has grown so familiar.  I look forward to many trips back!” – Mr. Viser

“This is my first trip out of the United States and it has changed me by challenging my ability to think globally vs. just locally.  I have learned to work with people and to tolerate situations that seem uncomfortable.  I’ve been given access to so many opportunities that I’m so grateful for.  I know that these experiences will help shape me for the rest of my life.” – Kennedy Jones

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  1. jbyersccs Avatar

    Your insights are so powerful. Today I had the pleasure of talking with a group of more than 125 alums of CCS who are here for reunion weekend. They are blown away by our Global Education program and the places you all are going. We dedicated the new Second Century Bell today–and alums from a sixty five year history of CCS were there. Yes, a member of the Class of 1944 as well as members of the Class of 2014, and all in between. I am so proud to relate to our alums what your are doing, and where. Thank you for creating the stories that make CCS students unique and make our experience one-of-a-kind. Thank you faculty leaders for making it happen. Students, thank you for paying attention and using all of your senses and intellect to enrich the experience.

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