4 thoughts on “Some Pictures

  1. Did you all build something? What is it? A batting cage? Just kidding. No, really, what WAS that project? Looks like a busy day. Be sure to tell Mr. Kempe that he cannot bring that coffee plant home in his suitcase, no matter how much he loves the coffee there.

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    1. We helped restore a turtle nesting cage! The cage protects the eggs of endangered turtles that used to breed unmolested on the beaches of Guatemala’s Pacific coast. A few more turtles will mature, in style, thanks to the efforts of our students!


  2. Mr. Kempe, you have a way of accurately capturing how a group experiences a place. Your eyes see color and texture and in many of those shots I can hear your laughter, Ashton’s questions, and Sally’s enthusiasm! Thanks for helping us feel your trip!

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