Connections Surround Us

By Dr. Little

I must say, the Guatemala trip this year has flung itself into the idea of Connections in ways I never could have imagined.  Seeing a village on the coast of Guatemala suffering the effects of climate change in the same way the Junior Immersion trip sees Tangier suffering puts an exclamation point on this global issue.  Talking to people in Lake Atitlán about how pollution is a watershed wide problem connects so much to what Mr. Cola has been telling us for years.  Hearing our students tell indigenous leaders about visits to pow wow’s.  Listening to students thinking about what project they could do for their Junior/Senior year.  Then something from Mr. Pyles Honors History class comes up when we’re talking about bananas.  Seeing an article in the New York Times discussing the monopolization of agricultural seed production on the very same day we’re visiting IMAP, a small group of highly educated Guatemalans working to reestablish traditional agricultural practices, in part by creating a heritage seed bank, which is being threatened by exactly what the article is talking about.  Not only that, but our students were so excited to tell IMAP about the Sustainability Triangle! So many things have become so real on this trip for our students and for us teachers.  Finally, if anyone out there wants to learn Spanish, this is where our Spanish classes happen in Guate!

4 thoughts on “Connections Surround Us

  1. You all are making the learning network happen. Thank you, faculty leaders and students for taking this plunge and then making it authentic in every way.


  2. Doctor, I am so glad you are helping to connect the emerging themes of this experience within a local-to-global context that ties in experimental learning facets of the Christchurch experience. Way to make it happen! Thanks for such a thoughtful reflection. I’ve been thinking about all of you!!!


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