By Ashton Willcox


On our first full day in Guatemala City, the group decided to go to a Festival run by the UN in Guatemala City first, it was interesting,however it seemed “fake” as me and both Mr.Kempe noted. Next, we decided to go to the market, as we looked around the numerous little stalls, i thought it was a bit of a tourist trap, however once we went to the lower part of the market, where the food was, we found a non-touristy place where we had food, that was home cooked, and extremely good.

We left for the AirBNB and hung out there until we went to a mall, that had been built, and it showed the major differences in the social equity system in Guatemala.

I can’t wait, to explore this beautiful country more. Finally, I hope to learn more about Guatemala and the numerous different types of people within this small country. I also want to study the impacts of the Civil War and how Guatemala has moved on or at least tried to move on. I am overall excited to explore the many places in this beautiful small but extremely interesting country.

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  1. jrhomer Avatar

    Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures in person, Ashton! 🙂

  2. jbyersccs Avatar

    Good to know that from the start you all already have a nose for what’s authentic and what’s not. Being able to figure out the DNA of a place is a big package of skills that we think Seahorses should have.

  3. Joel Cooper & Shelby Willcox Avatar
    Joel Cooper & Shelby Willcox

    We, Ashton Willcox’s Grandmother Shelby & Grandfather Joel, are so proud of our World Traveller and for the travel opportunities his school has offered. We can hardly wait to be with Ashton upon his return home!

  4. A Showalter Avatar

    Another great adventure, Ashton! I love how you jump in to each one with curiosity and a drive to understand places, people, and systems on a new and deeper level. And I bet you’re having a lot of fun along the way. Wish I could be on this one too.

  5. MMceill Avatar

    Ashton, I am so glad you are exploring Guatemala and developing you Spanish language skills this summer! I am really excited to hear about your observations and reflections of the civil war and how this major conflict left a lasting impression on modern society.

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