We are piled in the Christchurch van and on our way to the Richmond International Airport.

This is how we’re feeling as we cross the York River.

Sally is tired but excited. Joy is just chillin. Mr. Cola, our driver, is feeling jealous. Jack doesn’t know how to feel yet, but he’s aware that he’s about to feel different. Zack is feeling present. Jacob is observing the outer layers of this new rural area of VA! Connor is excited and ready for his first flight. Azalia is nervous but excited. Kobe is also just chillin. Annie is feeling like she can only go up from here. Ms. Brumfield is ready for her first meal of yassa on the other side of the Atlantic.

This group and their willingness to listen to each other, to be honest and to share is the recipe for an incredible experience together!

6 responses to “The journey has begun!”

  1. Haley Wilbanks Avatar

    How exciting! I hope you have an awesome trip. Safe travels to you all. Can’t wait to follow along.

  2. Carla Brumfield Avatar
    Carla Brumfield

    Very exciting! Have a fantastic experience.

  3. JOHN E BYERS Avatar

    Safe Travels, adventurous Seahorses! As Mr. Cola says, “wring it out.” Leave no opportunity behind, tucked away in your comfort zone, when you could be exploring a whole new idea, person, place, or thing with a trusted faculty member and
    Senegalese people who will keep you safe, well fed, exhausted, and alive with feeling and new experiences. Human to human, hand to hand, eye to eye, voice to voice. From curiosity to discovery, to understanding, to growth; and back to curiosity.

  4. Natasha Herring Avatar
    Natasha Herring

    Awesome!!! Brings back memories of when Lex went! Enjoy Senegal! Anyone flying out of or back into DC???

  5. pkempe Avatar

    I’ll join Mr. Cola in being jealous of you guys.
    India is a dream, Guatemala is a secret, and Senegal is a giant hug. It’s awesome that you all are about to accept that embrace!

  6. Linda G. Connor Avatar
    Linda G. Connor

    Enjoy the experience. This a great adventure for all.

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