Our Mandinka Home

We drove across the country yesterday, from the coast to the heart of the peanut world. The drive was spectacular- perfect weather, great roads, and lots to observe. We have a lot to share in the coming days.

Here in the village, Kekouta and his family have already accepted everyone into the extended family. At every turn, people tell us to act like we are at home. We feel it!

Today we are going to explore the village and the nearby Gambia River. It should be an excellent experience.

More soon!

5 thoughts on “Our Mandinka Home

  1. Hope the Gambia river is as beautiful and captivating as the Mighty Rappahannock! Glad your travels are safe and beautiful. What are you having for Thanksgiving Dinner? We all want to know!


  2. Being a military family, we have found ourselves among extended family in many settings. This is a great feeling of love and sharing…finding commonalities and bonds.
    CCS students embrace these moments!


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