When friends come from afar…

Sally’s Blog post

As the round orange sun slowly goes down, many sparkling stars begin to appear in the sky of Senegal.

Today was my day to be leader of the day. To be honest, being a leader was tiring and made me feel uneasy. I had to think about other people first and my interests second. However, this role helped me to pay more attention to what happened around us.

One thing that impressed me a lot today was our visit with a local wise man. He believes in Islam and spreads the knowledge about this religion and his life experiences in the village.

When we went to visit him, the man was sitting under a nice, bamboo-made shed. He listened to our questions patiently. Besides, there was always a smile on his face. I could tell that he was trying his best to tell his life experience to us.

“You peng zi yuan fang lai, bu yi le hu.” This Chinese saying stuck in my head while I was listening to his words. It was said by Confucius, and it means that when friends come from far away, we shall be happy and joyful.

After meeting and listening to the Imam and thinking about his wise words, Mr. Alter said, someone’s simple words can spread a great power to the people around him. Perhaps this is the power of humbleness and love that comes strait from heart to heart.

I feel really thankful for having the opportunity to visit him. I have a fresh view of Africa after today.

3 thoughts on “When friends come from afar…

  1. Sally – I think that you are a leader more often than you know! I see many of the leadership qualities that you outline in this post in you. It sounds like you did a great job as leader of the day. I love the idea of simple words having great power.


  2. Thank you for this, Sally! I agree with what Mrs. Homer said and I love the idea of certain things in life moving “straight from heart to heart.” What a beautiful idea. Keep asking questions and looking at our amazing world with wonder and curiosity. Cheering for you guys from CCS!


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