Thoughts on Tostan

At the end of the presentation, Godfrey asked us to share a word or a thought that captured the program:

‘Smart’ – Zach

‘Clever – the way the system works’ – Connor

‘Passionate – people who care about what they do and the results.’ – Azalia

‘Shocked – didn’t know about these issues in West Africa and the perception that female genital cutting was good for the women. The myths of the practice were shocking.’ – Joy

‘Dynamic’ – Sally

‘Sustainable – a program that lasts.’ – Annie

‘Revival – the chance for a community to be born again.’ – Kobe

‘Patience – nothing was forced. The program gives the puzzle pieces and the people put it together. Time is not the focus.’ – Jacob

‘Structured and well organized.’ – Jack

‘A program founded in love.’ – Mollie

‘Ritual – structure and process to make things happen. Extremely considerate, which allows people to rethink traditions.’ – Matt

‘Circle – a structure of circular love. The center is the question, not the pyramid. Room for everyone.’ – Betsy

‘Two Rs to replace our three. Respect and reciprocal- a combination.’ – Aaron

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