By: Ashton Willcox

The holiest river in all of the land,

They say you can put it in a can and it won’t smell bland.

Hindu’s holiest river flowing through a Hindu majority country,

It’s amazing al the stories it could tell me.

Religion, history, military, you name it,

The Ganges impacts all three, so don’t say it’s faking it.

I start to wonder while sitting on the ground,

What might have happened exactly where I’m moving around.

To wrap this up, I will be short and clear,

The Ganges is a place with many years.

5 responses to “Poem: The Ganges”

  1. Dave's Mom Avatar
    Dave’s Mom

    Ashton – Great reflection! Stay inquisitive!

  2. Emmett’s Mom Avatar
    Emmett’s Mom

    Ashton, love how you make the setting and the wonder come alive!

  3. jbyersccs Avatar

    Nice reflection Ashton. Check out a poem by Langston Hughes called “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” which has a line : “My soul has grown deep like rivers.” I think you are channeling that soul!

  4. Jefferson’s Mom Avatar
    Jefferson’s Mom

    we love our rivers

  5. Meghan McNeill Avatar
    Meghan McNeill

    Ashton, through all of the place-based experiences you had at Christchurh that centered around a river and your multiple global edu experience (including 2 in India) that place so much emphasis on how history and communities interact with their rivers and watershed, I bet you will always look at rivers around the world and wonder about the stories and communities shaped by their presence.

    Nice post – I enjoy the poem.

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