Notes from First Real Discussion

First impressions:

‘The geography and people really stood out as different from CCS and Virginia.’ – Francesca

The contrast between waiting, with so many significant things happening at once before we came, and the significance of our first few hours is worth noting.

‘I wasn’t prepared for the feeling of the village… when you strip it down, you can feel how we’re all humans.’ -Nurse Valadez

‘I am in Africa waving to strangers who have suddenly become known friends – people I have seen in various places.’ – Nurse Valadez

‘I loved the experience of jumping on the roof of the bus with two random strangers and feeling the same joy.’ -Andrew

‘I am questioning productivity – how much stuff do we get done in a normal day? How do I manage to do so much more in just 10 hours in Senegal?’ -Jordan

‘Staying open to everything that’s new takes commitment. It is so important.’ -Bryan

‘I think it’s so important to keep watching so we notice the differences and the meaning.’ -Jordan

How has tourism influenced people’s lives? How does a modern lifestyle incorporate traditional values and community?

‘People have windows up and their music down here – much different from how I drive. I think a lot about respect and culture.’ -Andrew

‘I am aware of the different values people have here vs at home. It’s so clear.’ -Cameron

‘Sucking the marrow out of the bone of life is key!’ -Mrs. Wessinger

‘They have nothing and everything at once – exactly what I want and none of a lot of things I think I need.’ – Francesca

‘How does the idea of comparing your own things to others connect to the idea of living and contributing to each other?’ How can we just feel the presence of wisdom and strength rather than trying to prove it?’ -Mr. Alter

‘We need to trust the experience and each other.’ -Ms. Brumfield

‘I am already wondering how we can bring this back to CCS.’ -Nurse Valadez

3 thoughts on “Notes from First Real Discussion

  1. Lots of new wisdom here; it’s great to hear CCS digging into the meanings and the sound of immersion trips once more! Ms Wessinger wins the award for today’s best soup bone metaphor! Or Osso Bucco. And Fran your inside-outside reflection is striking.


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