By Mollie Brumfield

The last time a CCS Global Ed group traveled to Senegal, Mr. Kempe commented on the first blog post and coined the phrase, “Senegal is like a warm hug”.

The return of the Global Ed program couldn’t be happening in a better part of the world, and this intimate group of travelers couldn’t be better suited for the warm embrace that Senegal has offered each of us. Some of us needed to be hugged by new friends in Bandia’s home and Kekuota’s village. Others needed to speak their love language through caring for the mothers, fathers and babies who have quickly stolen our hearts. The Gambia River welcomed our dusty and sweaty bodies to bathe, play, and fish at the end of each day in Niognani. We have snuggled Fanta’s newborn baby and danced with the little kids in the shade of a tree in the center of the village. The warmth of the day bleeds into the night. Tamba makes and serves warm glasses of attaya as the heat of the day dissipates. The moon wanes and eventually our small group settles into bed under the frond covered shade and mosquito nets, first to laugh and share in the memories of a day packed with moments and soon to sleep and snore and dream.

After so many months of masks and distance, the hug of Senegal is all the more needed and appreciated by each of us. We are together-On est ensemble.

4 responses to “The return to the warm hug”

  1. jbyersccs Avatar

    Beautiful reflection! Happy Thanksgiving Seahorses!

  2. tbcarozzayahoocom Avatar

    Yes! Teranga!
    Happy Thanksgiving from Shanghai!

  3. Lynn Green Penati Avatar
    Lynn Green Penati

    You’re very poetic Mollie! Beautiful!

  4. anna elizabeth Avatar
    anna elizabeth

    You are glowing, so happy for you all!! what a great experience!! -Anna Flynn (Sending love from St. Marys Maryland)

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