3 thoughts on “early Thoughts & experiences – comfort and necessities

  1. Thanks for having the courage to share this on video. Those of us following you all are so proud of your openness to an expanding mindset and newfound appreciation of those people and circumstances in the world. Keep your eyes, ears, and heart open….what a wonderful experience!


  2. Nice Hali! I am just now watching this a few days late – but I would be curious about how what you noticed here on the early days has ended up playing out since you’ve gotten to know different parts Guatemala even more. What kind of things happened that helped you realize you really could do it? And, as you get closer to coming back, how do you see the lessons you’ve learned and the things you’ve experienced becoming a part of your life after your time in Guatemala? How might it feel to come back to Christchurch or a Stuart Hall after this experience? What might be easy, or hard, or missing, or what might feel different than it used to? Why does that even matter?


  3. I am so interested to hear how your “beautiful translation” as you put it progressed over the course of the experience. Hali, for me, you capture the joy and magic of the CCS Global Ed experience. It seems impossible to imagine real change happening in the course of a 10 day trip, but you illustrate how powerful and life changing a few days with a new found perspective can be on your own journey.


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