Llegamos a Valencia! We made it!

So, we’ve arrived at our AirBnB in Valencia, and we’re getting ready to dive into our Spanish projects, but first this weekend we’re settling in, getting used to trying to speak as much Spanish as we can, and connecting up with our Spanish CCS student’s families. Tomorrow we’re meeting Guille’s parents, and they’re taking us on a tour of Valencia and then we’re having lunch with them, and then we meet up with Rosario’s family to go to the beginning of one of the biggest festivals in Spain, Las Fallas. The opening ceremony is called La Cridá and it memorializes the battle for Valencia between the Arabs of North Africa and the Christians back in the XIII century. LOTS OF FIREWORKS.

On Monday, the fun is over, and students start finalizing the projects they’ve been working on for the last six weeks, to present here in Spain and also in CCS after we get back.

3 thoughts on “Llegamos a Valencia! We made it!

  1. ¡Es genial tener a la familia CCS tan cerca! Estoy justo al lado en Barcelona… ¡Espero que todos estén disfrutando de una aventura tan extraordinaria! ¡Lo mejor para todos ustedes con sus proyectos también! amor y luz…❤️


  2. ¡Que disfruten mucho!
    Learning IS fun! Absorb all the sights, sounds, smells, tastes… and try to journal every night before you collapse. You’ll love looking back on it for years to come. I’m looking forward to reading about your adventures!


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