Sagunto is alive!

by Miles Wilkin

We started off the day by taking a train from Valencia to Sagunto. It was not a long train ride and it had some really cool views. We arrived in Sagunto and had a little trouble finding our way but a quick look at the map helped us find the tourist center. The only problem was that the tourist center wasn’t open. After that we found our way to a museum which contained numerous historical sites dating from the Roman, visigothic, and contemporary ages. We spent a long time looking at the different parts of the buildings. You could see the progression through time. We could tell which parts of the buildings were Roman, Arabic, and Visigothic. 

We eventually made our way up to the main castle which was on top of a huge hill overlooking the town. As we walked up I imagined what it would’ve looked like in its prime. It felt like the walk up wasn’t that bad even though it was high up. When we got to the top we gazed across the Mediterranean and took in the breeze. From the top we could also see numerous mountain ranges. The castle was really put in the perfect place for defense.

 We eventually walked down and spent time on our own exploring the town and took in the beautiful views. Landon and I found our way to this nice restaurant and had spaghetti, fish, and numerous other treats. We decided to walk around and eventually found our way to a bridge. In the old paintings of the town the water was shown as rushing water but now it is mostly barren. There were only a few pockets of water in the basin. We walked some more and ended Sagunto under a palm tree. 

We regrouped and took a taxi to the beach. At the beach we had Horchata and Fartons which were awesome. After the meal we decided to walk in the water and got knee deep while others decided to go fully in. I wish I had brought my bathing suit. When we all dried if we went to Rosario’s house. We spent time talking with her awesome family and I got to cook the chorizos. We had a great meal and had great conversation. It was a great end to the day.

One thought on “Sagunto is alive!

  1. Miles, it looks like you exploring , thinking and enjoying this Spanish coastal experience! I’m excited to hear more stories during River and Outdoors when you return. And always remember your bathing suit!


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