4 responses to “Some Pictures from the Assi Ganga Valley”

  1. pkempe Avatar

    That looks like it made the best mushroom feast ever. And I thought I’d seen everything! (…actually, I’ve never thought that.) But seriously. I will want to hear how that tasted.
    Also, awesome pictures in general. Thanks!

  2. JEB Byers Avatar
    JEB Byers

    Wow. Is that Suman’s baby boy? Cool. It is so good to see all those CCS-clothed beautiful people soaking in the experience of Agora. The number of people who share that experience is growing and is now a unique touchstone of Christchurch. May it always continue!

  3. kim Avatar

    love the pics !

  4. Mollie Avatar

    My favorite is also Suman and his son, JEB! Is that Rihan? They are so cozy and bright! Some incredible snowy mountain peaks too! Everyone looks to have their Assi Ganga glow on!

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