By Lucia Rodriguez

I know I have never been the best at goodbyes, but nothing could have prepared me for this one. Nothing could have prepared me for the feeling I would have going home, because it feels like i’m leaving home behind.

Home in the chai five times a day, in the food made with love.

Home in the feeling of excitement every day, knowing it will be a great one.

In the “challo”s and “danyevad”s and “namaste”s.

Home in the beaches of Pancheswar, in the long mountain roads. In Agora, in the beautiful Assi Ganga valley.

In the homes of my amazing host family, in Sarita, Manisha, Manita and Anand.

Home in the way Rihan runs around and Vedek smiles.

In Pana’s jokes, laughter and kindness.

In Suman’s generosity, in his constant positive energy.

Home in the people I have met, who have all given me so much love.

In everyone and everything during these past three weeks.

For all these homes and many more, I will be eternally grateful to Mr Alter, who gave me the opportunity to come on this beautiful adventure.

So thank you India, for making me feel at home so far away from it.

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  1. JEB BYERS Avatar

    Lucia, you truly capture the heart of the experience, the combination of serene contentment and high adventure that make this such a special experience. Well done!

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