On the Road 

Greetings from Bus 3!

Our group has set off on Tidewater Trail with our GPS set for Dulles. Armed with snacks and jaunty hats and passports, we are ready for this next adventure. 

We have all different types of travelers on this journey—we range from folks who’ve lived and worked abroad to those who are about to step onto a plane for the first time today!—and I believe this is what makes these CCS trips so special. There is something invigorating about being a seasoned traveler who gets to see each step of the experience through brand new eyes, and there is something empowering for a novice traveler to know that those around them are there to show them the ropes. 

Here are some thoughts from your joy-seekers:

“I’m quite looking forward to delving into caves, and possibly meeting a friendly bat.” —Jack

“I am super excited to experience the culture and see how my friends live their lives while they are at home.” —Caitlyn

“I’m really looking forward to this experience and contrasting its unique difference from the US and India. I can’t wait to have some fun!!” —Steven

“I am really looking forward to visiting the city of Coban and to seeing the active volcanos.” —Parker 

Thomas was unavailable for comment (vigorous napping).  

Thanks for driving, Mr. Dehm!

7 thoughts on “On the Road 

  1. As far as I can find, you are going right to the beginning- descendants of the first Americans … ever. The Mayan Culture is somewhere between 12,000 and 19,000 years old. Go get your Original American History on, Y’all ! Have fun!


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