Like Birds (Mar. 8th)

By Roy Berry

Meaningful experiences are like birds.  If you run up to a bird and try to catch it, the bird will quickly fly away.  If you bait the bird on a daily basis, it will eventually let its guard down and then you can snag it.

In other words, the idea is not to force experiences on yourself but rather let them fall on and around you.  I’ve learned to do this by stepping out of ones comfort zones and looking for mental and physical challenges.

You never know when a sublime feeling will run through your veins, allowing you to be able to inhale the things going on around you.  Then you can gaze upon yourself.

Live everyday to its fullest potential by embracing every moment of it and not letting one opportunity pass you by.  After all, your time on earth is limited – make it count!

4 thoughts on “Like Birds (Mar. 8th)

  1. Roy – A+! You nailed it! You have learned and embraced one of life’s greatest lessons way sooner than most.


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