As we listen to the call to prayer over the airport speakers, the bustling airport energy, and the sonorous joys of teens snacking on pizza, we thought it’d be a perfect time to collect some reactions to Abu Dhabi:

  • Andrew Antwi: it’s colorful, modern—it’s obvious that this is a vibrant city. People seemed surprised that Trump was on TV, but I think we will see him in every country. 
  • Hannah: (eating a donut) the airport looks really cool, and the people are really nice. (This is Hannah’s first time out of the country, by the way)
  • Margaret: (also eating a donut) I like it. I like the ceiling. It felt really good outside. 
  • Nash: I’ve never seen an airport with a tile ceiling. There is art everywhere here. It’s cool to hear the call to prayer. 
  • Eliza Carr: I think it’s really cool; all the ceilings are really crazy—the low ceilings, especially.
  • Mrs. Smiley: People are speaking English and women are covered. It’s a cool mix of airport culture and middle eastern culture. 
  • Rosie: I like the tiles. It’s a cool ceiling. 
  • Sam: It’s great people watching. It’s different. Interesting. I like how the details are so much cooler—I ate pizza in Abu Dhabi!
  • Zoe: It’s interesting to be the minority. 
  • MacLean: I bought something just to get money back. It’s so cool. (This is also MacLean’s first time out of the U.S.)
  • Erik: I feel like I’m in a dream. Doing simple stuff is ten times more interesting. (This is also Erik’s first time out of the country)
  • Alice: I like the diverse groups of people here. And, it’s a really pretty airport. 
  • Kyle: it’s pretty neat. This is furthest I’ve been from home. 
  • Andrew Webb: I think this is pretty cool. The architecture is interesting. I’ve never seen an airport like this before. I know in Muslim countries the architecture has intricate designs but doesn’t show God’s image. 
  • Charlie: I think I’m way more prepared than last year. 
  • Austin: I think it’s cool how the airport is fancy in comparison to home. 
  • Kwaku: It’s pretty big. 
  • Jack: I like airports. I like the buildings but not what’s in them. I like the architecture of airports but don’t like all the security stuff. 
  • Evan: We’re just doing it. We just have to do it. The mustaches are sweet. 
  • Kathryn: (as Margaret braids her hair) The call to prayer was great. This is sweet. 
  • Kelsey: This is my favorite airport. I love it. I love the ceiling. 
  • Libby: I thought I’d be overwhelmed, but I’m not. (This is kind of Libby’s first time out of the country) 

    5 responses to “Abu Dhabi Reactions 🙌🏼”

    1. Dave's Mom Avatar
      Dave’s Mom

      LOVE the comments from everyone…Just chillin’ and getting acclimated however brief this layover is.

    2. hmay54 Avatar

      Thank you for fabulous update! Please post pictures of the infamous ceiling if possible and safe next leg of the carpet ride😎

    3. Jeanne Avatar

      Try some of the local foods silly kids!! Have a wonderful time!

    4. Lisa Avatar

      I love that you are sharing first impressions, Maura. It’s great to vicariously be there with you all!

    5. Art DeMario Avatar
      Art DeMario

      So many amazing discoveries yet to come. I’m anxious to hear more… and see pics. Keep us posted. Be safe and have an awesome time.

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