Abu Dhabi Reactions 🙌🏼

As we listen to the call to prayer over the airport speakers, the bustling airport energy, and the sonorous joys of teens snacking on pizza, we thought it’d be a perfect time to collect some reactions to Abu Dhabi:

  • Andrew Antwi: it’s colorful, modern—it’s obvious that this is a vibrant city. People seemed surprised that Trump was on TV, but I think we will see him in every country. 
  • Hannah: (eating a donut) the airport looks really cool, and the people are really nice. (This is Hannah’s first time out of the country, by the way)
  • Margaret: (also eating a donut) I like it. I like the ceiling. It felt really good outside. 
  • Nash: I’ve never seen an airport with a tile ceiling. There is art everywhere here. It’s cool to hear the call to prayer. 
  • Eliza Carr: I think it’s really cool; all the ceilings are really crazy—the low ceilings, especially.
  • Mrs. Smiley: People are speaking English and women are covered. It’s a cool mix of airport culture and middle eastern culture. 
  • Rosie: I like the tiles. It’s a cool ceiling. 
  • Sam: It’s great people watching. It’s different. Interesting. I like how the details are so much cooler—I ate pizza in Abu Dhabi!
  • Zoe: It’s interesting to be the minority. 
  • MacLean: I bought something just to get money back. It’s so cool. (This is also MacLean’s first time out of the U.S.)
  • Erik: I feel like I’m in a dream. Doing simple stuff is ten times more interesting. (This is also Erik’s first time out of the country)
  • Alice: I like the diverse groups of people here. And, it’s a really pretty airport. 
  • Kyle: it’s pretty neat. This is furthest I’ve been from home. 
  • Andrew Webb: I think this is pretty cool. The architecture is interesting. I’ve never seen an airport like this before. I know in Muslim countries the architecture has intricate designs but doesn’t show God’s image. 
  • Charlie: I think I’m way more prepared than last year. 
  • Austin: I think it’s cool how the airport is fancy in comparison to home. 
  • Kwaku: It’s pretty big. 
  • Jack: I like airports. I like the buildings but not what’s in them. I like the architecture of airports but don’t like all the security stuff. 
  • Evan: We’re just doing it. We just have to do it. The mustaches are sweet. 
  • Kathryn: (as Margaret braids her hair) The call to prayer was great. This is sweet. 
  • Kelsey: This is my favorite airport. I love it. I love the ceiling. 
  • Libby: I thought I’d be overwhelmed, but I’m not. (This is kind of Libby’s first time out of the country) 

    5 thoughts on “Abu Dhabi Reactions 🙌🏼

    1. So many amazing discoveries yet to come. I’m anxious to hear more… and see pics. Keep us posted. Be safe and have an awesome time.


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