Dev Bhoomi

We are on the way from the banks of the Ganges to Agora, our home away from home. The winding roads are our right of passage.

The sand, the glacial water and the holy cities, these commodities we have so happily held in the palms of our hands during the last 48 hours, have given us seeds to plant in the parched earth of our minds. We head upstream to nurture them. We head upstream to join the farmers.

Uttarakhand, the northern state, is also known as the Abode of the Gods (Dev Bhoomi). The five glaciers that fill the Ganges are, as the crow flies, not far away. Each turn in the road north tills the soil, preparing it. We will be ready to join the farmers, to absorb the mineral-rich water. 

We will be ready to learn, to walk, as Charlie noted last year, in the footsteps of the gods.

Thank you for following us, albeit vicariously. It means more than we can say.

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