Off to Agora

Good morning!

Today we depart bustling, bursting Uttarkashi, trading it for a few miles of hiking some 2000+ feet to our home away from home: Agora. 

Last night we as a team discussed all the beautiful and complicated moments we saw on our long bus ride from Rishikesh to Uttarkashi. There were families hand-mixing cement on the side of curved mountain roads punctuated by snowcapped mountains and tinsel bespeckled trees. Little temples dotted the highways, and clothing turned from western tee shirts to handmade wool sweaters over marigold-colored draped skirts. There were children walking to school in clean, pressed uniforms who walked by other children breaking rocks. There were terraces made and maintained  by generations of farmers less for them, maybe, than for their future and unknown generations. 

India is all of this and so much more. As we travel to Agora in a few moments, we vow to stay awake in order to take in the land of the gods—well, to walk the path of the gods. 

4 thoughts on “Off to Agora

  1. Missing that home away from home today… and everyday!

    Can’t wait to hear stories – I know these will be some of the best of the trip!


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