Back in Delhi

After an overnight bus trip through the circuitous streets of the Himalayas, we have returned to the nation’s capital. The plains are warm, bustling, and cacophonous. In Agora we’d forgotten the myriad of horn sounds that underscore urban India; we’ve certainly been reacquainted. 

We are leaving in a few short minutes to make the most of our day in Delhi. We will touch ancient Mogul architecture, explore the conflicts inherent in rapid industrialization and global economics (and how that actually affects villages like Agora), and eat with our hands at our favorite Delhi restaurant, Karim’s. 

You’ll hear from more students as they polish their blog posts. In the meantime, know that we are happy, healthy, and living in the present. 

Thank you for following along.  

4 thoughts on “Back in Delhi

  1. All sounds well. It’s off to the islands. That should be a VERY different scene. Can’t wait to hear about the trip and the island experience.


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