By Kwaku Arthur 

Dear Agora,

I say namaste 
To your irreplaceable scenery 

To the welcoming taste of tea

To chacha-ji and Pana-ji

And terraces as far as my eyes can see

To the ever-so majestic mountains 

Scraping the sky

An extension from where I currently lie

To the power which links your people to the lands

With whom we do not simply give but share helping hands 

For in giving, one truly receives 

Not something we can do without 

But something we feel within 

You have taught me that one does not simply climb up to you



Not something its speaker has such little realization of utterance 


One ascends

For in ascending one transcends the domesticated lives we think of as complex 

O what little insight I had on the

Complexity of life ’til I met the 

Agora woman 

With work in abundance and

Children to look after

She keeps these in balance without 

A hint of anger. 

Little by little you have shown me 

their strength

Little by little you have shown me 

my own strength 

Physically, mentally and, most importantly, the strength of my digestive system 

I sit here with a grin, thinking, “is the expiry date really best before or best after?”

Questions I might never figure out 

I sit here questioning if I’ll ever be 

the same

After hearing these children shouting 

my name 

As I return to where I came 


Everyone should get the opportunity to experience you 

For one can read this and think

Nothing of you 

But for those who see you as you are

Think the world of you and may 

Never stop 

10 responses to “A Letter to Agora ”

  1. pkempe Avatar

    Hooray! Thanks for a wonderful poem from the heart. And any poem that mentions the poet’s digestive system gets extra credit for degree of difficulty.

  2. Dave's Mom Avatar
    Dave’s Mom

    Kwaku – WOW! WOW! WOW! Everything about your prose is amazing – blows my mind. What an awe-inspiring experience you have had and how beautifully you have shared it.

  3. jrhomer Avatar

    This is a REALLY beautiful poem. I love it. THANK YOU!

  4. Lauren Little Avatar
    Lauren Little

    Oh what a soul filled journey you have captured in this beautiful poetry. Thank you Kaku for sharing you.

  5. hmay54 Avatar

    Goosebumps. Bravo!

  6. SSchmidt Avatar

    What a wonderful poem! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Art DeMario Avatar
    Art DeMario

    Young and old, so much learning we still have to do. Your words are powerful and sincere. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

  8. jbyersccs Avatar

    Sweet and thoughtful Kwaku
    You have taken Agora into your heart

  9. Wilson Arthur Avatar
    Wilson Arthur

    I’m so proud of you son.

  10. Wilson Arthur Avatar
    Wilson Arthur

    Daddy is so proud of you, Kwaku.

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