With tearful goodbyes—well, see you soons—we left Suman and Praveen at the Delhi airport. From there, it felt a bit like a frantic dirge to get to our flight. But, we made it. We are here, in Abu Dhabi, safe and sound and a couple hours from boarding our flight to D.C.  It’s hard to believe that all that has happened has been encapsulated in two weeks. Agora feels simultaneously near (in us, really) and quite far away. That’s just the nature of this sort of travel, I suppose. The more one sees of the world, the more one realizes how little of it they’ve actually seen; yet, travel like this harbors connections that extend far beyond two weeks.  Really, they harbor interconnectedness, consciousness, and growth. 

The students’ words speak to that, so I’ll keep mine to a minimum. But, we’d like you to know that each night we would gather together to read the students’ posts and your comments on them. It was a beautiful moment to hear our families and friends and school from these seemingly remote locations. 

We will see you again stateside; we look forward to sharing more of our adventure over a cup to tea face-to-face. 

2 responses to “Back in Abu Dhabi”

  1. Dave's Mom Avatar
    Dave’s Mom

    Thank you Maura. Safe travels on this last long leg of the trip. Flightaware says your flight is delayed but it’s not supposed to even leave for 4 hours yet!?! Don’t know if you are aware that you’re coming home to a huge winter storm tomorrow night through Tuesday. They’re saying a foot of snow in DC but you’ll be on the ground, hopefully, before it gets really cranked up. Urbanna isn’t supposed to get much snow – just lots of wind and rain.
    So anxious to visit with everyone and hope to be at CCS in the very near future.
    Your coverage of the adventure has been phenomenal and deeply appreciated by all, especially Dave’s Mom!

  2. Ginger James Avatar
    Ginger James

    So excited for you all! Hopefully, we can host Suman and Praveen at CCS! Can’t wait to see you at the airport!!

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