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Today June 7th was our last full day in Braunschweig and last night with our wonderful host families. The day was so much fun, we attended some classes and then we went to the Volkswagon cool science center. Inside the strange building their were tons of cool science experiments that you can try.  Something’s were difficult to understand or impossible to do by yourself. My favorite was this platform that could spin and had s gear train set up to a large beam of wood.  It was like a treadmill, when you pushed the wood forward the platform below moved the other way. ~ Barron Cohn ’20

Today Allison, Barron and Author were welcomed by three host families, thirteen german students and two German teachers at the Wilhelm Gymnasium, in Braunschweig, Germany. Wilhelm Gymnasium is an science focused school that has a history of collaborating with school’s internationally.  We are lucky to have them host us.

We will be here for three days, during which time the students will participate in a true exchange.  We participate in school classes, field trips and home life with the German students and families. In return, they will visit us at Christchurch School in September. The partnership has potential for STEM focused trips in the future, we are excited to pursue this option for students in the future.

Our first day was amazing! Dirk Bielenberg organized a rare visit to the one of Germany’s DLR Research sites. DLR stands for Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt and it means Germany’s National Center for Aerospace, Energy, and and Transportation Research. In short, it is Germany’s version of NASA and it is a BIG deal

Take a look at these photos and the kids reactions below.


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  1. Lauren Little Avatar
    Lauren Little

    This is so cool – 3 days immersed with German high school kids and their families and going to the German equivalent of NASA! Not bad Mr. Angstrom!!!! Love the idea of exchange between the 2 schools too!! Terrific way to build lasting bridges of friendship, culture and learning. Go CCS Global Education!!

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