STEM Team 3: Wilhelm-Gymnasium, Pheano Science Center, and Celebration

Start with the Best – Quotes from our Students

My experiences in Braunschweig have been eye-opening. I have learned so much about the people, language, and the school system. Despite our cultural differences, my hostess, Tomke, and I found that we have much in common. Our differences also led to long discussions ranging from candy to politics. Going to her school was also very exciting. I was given a tour of the school and told about how the school is run. We ended the last day with a BBQ dinner and a few intense card games. Overall, this has been a wonderful adventure, and I hope that I will be able to do it again! ~ Allison Hughes, ’20 CCS
Meine Erfahrungen in Braunschweig waren Augen-öffnend. Ich habe sehr viel über die Leute, die Sprache und das Schulsystem gelernt. Trotz unserer kulturellen Unterschiede, fanden meine Gastgeberin, Tomke, und Ich heraus, dass wir viele Gemeinsamkeiten haben. Unsere Unterschiede haben uns auch zu langen Unterhaltungen von Süßigkeiten bis zur Politik geführt. Zur Schule zu gehen war ebenfalls sehr aufregend. Wir haben eine Tour durch die Schule unternommen und uns wurde erklärt wie die Schule funktioniert. Wir beendeten den letzten Tag mit grillen und ein paar intensiven Kartenspielen. Im Großen und Ganzen, war dies ein wundervolles Abenteuer und ich hoffe, dass ich es wiederholen kann. ~Tomke Bütow, ’19 – Wilhelm-Gymnasium

For our last day we attended Wilhelm-Gymnasium as if we belonged at the school. All the teachers taught their lessons in English on our behalf and two students guided us through each of the learning processes to make sure we were engaged. It was the most generous act our students have seen; we are very thankful. Thank you especially to Benjamin and Jarne!

After a wonderfully guided tour through school, we caught a train to Pheano Science Lab. The Pheano Science Lab is like a giant Maker’s Lab where people of all ages can engage with the phenomena of science.  We felt a fire tornado, learned about physics and technology and built bridges with each other both literally and figuratively (see Barron with Allison and Tomke in the 6th picture).

Finally, we went back to the school for good food, good friends and many laughs. After three days, the US students and the German students were acting as old friends. They will all see each other again in September when Wilhelm-Gymnasium visits Christchurch School. So if any of you parents would like to host, let me know!


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One thought on “STEM Team 3: Wilhelm-Gymnasium, Pheano Science Center, and Celebration

  1. Ahhh, travel – it’s most meaningful when one connects at a deeper level with people you meet. Congrats on making new friends in Germany and who you will have the opportunity to return the favors of being gracious hosts immersed in the American culture and high school. Looked like some fierce card games going! Fabulous experience. Well done everyone!!! Very impressive.


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