STEM Team 2: Braunschweig, DLR Research

The Best First – Quotes from our Students

 I have been fascinated by aviation my whole life. When I got in those simulators it was the closest thing to flying a plane that I have ever experienced. ~ Author Nichols ’20

We need to also share picture of our experience while at the DLR Research Lab. The US and German students were allowed to go into three of the DLR’s research facilities. This is a very rare occasion; a first time for all of the German and US students alike. First, the students literally had hands-on experience using glove shaped controller that allow researchers to perform space missions using a virtual reality screen and 3D goggles (first video).  Then, we learned about how physiologists and physics work together to develop algorithms for self driving cars, after the lesson the students had a chance to race each other in the simulation program used. Lastly, and probably the most loved event was flying the virtual helicopter and airplane simulators; machines used by pilots learning to fly.  Arthur was in heaven.



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One thought on “STEM Team 2: Braunschweig, DLR Research

  1. Wow! Amazing! Dr. Angstrom must have some BIG connections with DLR> We’re impressed and so thrilled for our CCS Students that got to experience all that technology…..and the future of science and its application to day to day life. Well done !!!


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