By Jackson Kiland

Guatemala painted the streets with many colors

Children running around the streets with their mothers

Soldiers protecting the shops with their shotguns

Young boys carrying stacks of hay that must weigh tons

Mopeds, dirt bikes, and tuktuks covering the streets

Chapines selling various meats

People doing whatever it takes to provide food

Whenever we talk to Chapines they’re never rude

The Meneses family welcomed us in with a smile

We were all so tired because we traveled for miles

They made great food that I’ll never forget

They did everything for us, we didn’t even break a sweat

Traveling across the countryside

Was an amazing ride

Little towns with kids running around

Everyone making the best of what they have found

Workers on coffee farms traveling many miles

Stacks for coffee being packed in piles

Picking the berries so carefully

Children were helping their parents cheerfully

FAFG giving Mayans a sense of closure

Among all the bones it’s difficult to maintain composure

Scientists figuring out the DNA that takes hours

When they find their loved ones bones they bury them with flowers

Lake Atitlan’s water is so clear

Jumping off a ledge with fear

Lake Atitlan is so giant

The rocks under the water are so defiant

Guatemala – the land of eternal spring

This trip makes me feel like a king

The food is the best I️’ve ever had

To sum it up, this trip is pretty rad

3 responses to “Guatemala – the land of eternal spring”

  1. Kim Czubaruk Avatar
    Kim Czubaruk


  2. Ing Kiland Avatar
    Ing Kiland

    So beautifully written my son!!!

  3. Lauren Little Avatar
    Lauren Little

    The imagery in your poem is amazing Jackson! I felt like I was right there!!

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