By Aleida Rumadas

This is my first time getting out of the USA since I️ left home to study. Two hours of sleep on the night before going to the Airport, 2 hours of air trip to Miami Airport and 1 hour 50 minutes from Miami to Guatemala. What a day! At least I got some sleep on the airplane but still what a day.

Looking down from 36,000 ft was one of the most fantastic things I have ever experienced in my life. Guatemala City is such a beautiful and exotic city. I felt like the city welcomed me even though I could not make it through the immigration because of my Visa and had to make my group wait for me to get out from the immigration office and had to hold my pee because I was so scared if I can’t get out of the Airport and see this amazing city eye to eyes

It was worth it, yes it was incredible worth it. I got out and got my luggage and walked out. The Meneses family welcomed us at the front door of the Airport, we rented a car and bus and then headed to Meneses house. On the way to the house, I looked out the window and everything started to feel familiar. Buildings, houses, road, markets, the weather and the most fabulous part is the air. I️ closed my eyes, took a deep breath, just let it come through my nose, and all sudden I am home.

I️ have never been home since my freshmen year in Christchurch but when I came to Guatemala, I feel different, I feel like I belong here. The feeling when you know you are home is indescribable.

People say Home is all about yourself, you will feel home if you make yourself home however, since the first time I stepped out of the Airport, I knew I’m home. For me Guatemala is my second home and I would love to come back here on the coming years.

This trip has already made me understand Home differently. I️ can’t wait for the days to come.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’m so happy that you got to experience something so beautiful on your first trip out of the united states since you left home! Based on what I have learned about Guatemala there is a strong sense of US influence in the cities in Guatemala. Did you sense a lot of this influence as you were visiting the cities?


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