On est ensemble…

Senegal makes you feel comfortable.  It’s not just the people.  It’s not the good food.  It’s not the warm colors of the landscape.  It’s all of it.  The common saying is “on est ensemble,” which translates to “we are together.”  This country makes you feel that.

The first few days of this year’s big adventure have been focused on independent projects.  We’ve secured a solar-powered pump for the well in Kekouta’s village, explored options for housing a 1 or 2-ton water tank, and begun thinking about how to create a sustainable bike share program in a subsistence farming community.  It has been challenging, rewarding work.  We will post more detailed updates later today.

For now, enjoy these pictures!  On est ensemble.

2 thoughts on “On est ensemble…

  1. You all remind me of peace corps volunteers – doing practical things that make a difference in the lives of others now. Thanks for the photos. Love the beautiful smile on that little boy.


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